Google Search Operator Generator

To search for information quickly and precisely, there are so-called Google search operators. These are special commands and character sets that narrow down the selection by the right criteria, reducing the time it takes to find information.

Operators can be used alone or in combination with other operators, so that search results are even more accurate. All this can be done with Google or with special services for parsing. By customizing the program, you can quickly get the information you need from sites in a matter of hours and in a format you are comfortable with.

Once you understand the principles of all the basic operators, you can also use them for internal and external optimization of your site. With the help of search operators it is much easier to select resources for external links, remove obsolete files and duplicates, fix indexing errors, perform technical site audits and much more.

To generate queries more quickly and easily using search operators, we’ve created a handy Google Search Operator Generator.

To generate a query, select an operator and add a value to it. And using the Send button, send your query to search

Google search commands

1. intext: – searches for pages with a certain word in the text

Google command displays pages that contain the specified word in the text (or one of the query words)

2. allintext: searches only pages that contain a phrase that exactly matches the query

Google will first search pages which contain text that exactly matches the query, and then pages that contain at least one of the words from the query

*This operator does not always work correctly, so it is used less often than intext:

3.intitle: – a list of resources with a specific word in the title

The operator outputs pages containing the specified word (phrase) in the header. If there is more than one word in the query, the order of words in the results may not match the query

4. site: – searches for pages of a particular site

Google will only show pages that contain the exact phrase

5. cache: – shows the current page cache

Allows you to see the actual cache of the site page in Google Cach. This is to see if the search engine has had time to see the changes made to the page.